Monday, October 11, 2010

Arizona city police to get wearable video cameras

LAKE HAVASU CITY - Lake Havasu City police will soon be equipped with head-mounted video cameras that record their contacts with suspects and citizens.

The city is buying a system from Scottsdale-based Taser International that captures video and audio for later use in court or in other cases where the officer's actions might be in question.

The AXON system has been tested across Mohave County in recent months. Lake Havasu will be the first city in the state to deploy the units operationally.

It is buying seven units, and 90 percent of their cost is being paid for with a U.S. Justice Department grant.

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  1. In almost all cases that could be disputed, the audio/video is conveniently not working. Lol. If the officiers don't get the evidence to support falsfied reports, what makes u think they are beyond tampering with these systems to cover their asses?