Monday, October 25, 2010

Ex-Glendale police officer to temporarily lose his badge

Glendale police officer Daniel Arreola

A former Glendale police officer accused of turning in incorrect timesheets and sending offensive messages to other officers will not wear an Arizona police badge for almost two years.

The Arizona Peace Officer Standards and Training Board decided to suspend Daniel Arreola's peace-officer certification until late 2011 in a Wednesday hearing.


Arreola resigned in September 2009 after a Glendale police internal investigation found he had falsely claimed hours on 11 dates when he was actually on vacation, compensatory time or sick leave. The investigation also found the three-year officer sent sexually and racially offensive messages to other officers on a computer in his police cruiser.

The police board, which provides training and oversight to Arizona police, approved a consent agreement to suspend Arreola's certification to serve as an officer in the state. Fellow ex-Glendale officer Adam Fisher voluntarily relinquished his certification last October after a Glendale police probe also accused him of falsifying timesheets and sending offensive messages, among other allegations.


Arreola, who attended the Wednesday hearing, declined to comment. In a letter previously sent to Glendale Police Chief Steve Conrad and the police board, the former officer wrote that some of the timesheet errors cited in the investigation shouldn't be upheld. He said the errors occurred either because he did not complete the form himself or he was confused by the format of the timesheet.

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